Thor's Trinkets

My name is Ingrid Bjornson and I have been making chainmaille for 16 years, and loving every minute.

Spending most of my life in beautiful Nova Scotia, my family and I moved to Brockville, Ontario in 2005. After the move, I decided it was time to step back from my life in theatre and entertainment lighting so I could spend more time with my girls. I turned my chainmaille hobby into a small business, and started selling my jewelry at farmers markets and craft shows in Eastern Ontario.

I began making chainmaille in 1993 when I was going to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was taking Theatre and needed to make a prop project. I chose to make a chainmaille vest out of wire coat hangers (oh, how the costume department hated me). I loved my vest, and an addict was born.

When people see how intricate the weaves are and the size of the rings, they always tell me I must have lots of patience! My two beautiful daughters, Erika and Kaitlyn, might disagree. They think I make chainmaille while I watch hockey to stop me from yelling at the TV. I can't very well jump up with a lap full of 20 gauge rings, it makes quite the mess when they go flying.

I love creating beautiful pieces that people can wear and enjoy. Its truly amazing what a pile of rings and two pairs of pliers can construct.

My progression as a chainmaille artist is constantly evolving. There are many weaves to learn and many types of metals to try!